Worker saved from factory blaze

14 May 2012

A plastic worker has been saved from a massive blaze that had to be put out by up to 80 firefighters.

A fire at a Oxford Plastics factory caused firefighters to work through the night, said an Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service spokesman. They were called to the scene before 8pm on Friday.

Twelve fire appliances and specialist crews were needed to put out the fire. Smoke could be seen from 12 miles of the factory.

Group manager Jason Crapper, from Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue, who watched the action during the fire, said there were eight to 12 people in the factory at the time.

One man was carried out of the building by his colleague in a "remarkable" rescue.

Mr Crapper said: "The chap forced his way through a wall to drag his colleague out.

"There was very acrid smoke. It could have been very dangerous. The chap who rescued him definitely saved his life."

Oxford Plastic is working with the Environment Agency yo minimise any pollution cause by the blaze.

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