Wood recycling plant still burning

18 Jan 2013

A fire at a wood recycling plant in Hertfordshire is still smouldering more than two months after it started.

Fire crews were originally called to the Appspond Lane site in Potters Crouch late on November 10, 2012.

According to the fire crew at the time, a "considerable amount" of recycled wood was burning and could continue to burn for days or weeks before being fully extinguished.

It has now been almost 10 weeks since the fire broke out and crew members still visit the site each day to dampen the remains and ensure it is under control.

A Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson told the BBC: "The worst is out but the smouldering pile will still take time to deal with."

During the first two weeks following the incident, fire officers were on the scene 24 hours a day, with a total of 172 fire engine visits.

The original inferno could be seen from miles away and is believed to have been caused by accident, said district commander Ian Markwell following an investigation into the fire.

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