Warning over Polish 'food' salt

12 Mar 2012

Industrial salt was sold to food producers in Poland, resulting in 230 tonnes of pickles, bread and other food being taken off the shelves.

Amid fears about food safety, a criminal investigation has been opened to enquire about the revelations that industrial salt was sold to food makers. More than 600 tests have been carried out on food samples.

Industrial salt is used to clear roads of ice and snow in winter. Officials fear the incident will hurt Poland's reputation as a major regional food exporter.

Its exports range from apples and beetroot to eggs and meat, all exported to Germany and neighbouring countries.

Despite health and safety concerns, tests have revealed that the amounts of dioxins and heavy metals in the salt are minimal and not likely to harm humans.

However, suspicious food will be taken off the shelves as a precaution, said chief sanitary inspectorate spokesman Jan Bondar.

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