Warning over fire strike services

23 Sep 2013

Firefighters may not be sent to deal with gas leaks, flooding, grass and rubbish fires and people trapped in lifts during the national strike this week, a fire brigade is warning.

The industrial action will take place between noon and 4pm on Wednesday and involve firefighters in England and Wales. The London Fire Brigade has confirmed that it will provide cover for fires in homes and vehicles, road smashes and building collapses.

However, it warns that fire engines may not be sent for less urgent incidents where lives are not at risk, such as fires in bins and skips.

London Fire Commissioner Ron Dobson wants people to take more care to stop fires. He said his officers would still be sent to emergencies but the services provided would be "contingencies" and not the same as residents can expect every other day of the year.

Londoners must take extra care with their fire safety this week and make sure their smoke alarms are working properly, Dobson said.

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