Wales backs scores on the door law

24 Jan 2013

Welsh eating establishments will be made to prominently display their hygiene ratings.

In 2012 restaurants and cafes in Wales were encouraged to sign up to a system which sees them putting their food hygiene ratings on their doors or in their windows where customers can see them. However the initiative was not compulsory so not all eateries took part.

Now members of the Welsh Assembly have passed the Food Hygiene Rating Bill, which will make it a legal requirement for ratings to be displayed.

Health Minister Lesley Griffiths said this was an important step to protecting the health of members of the public.

The move comes almost eight years after Wales' biggest outbreak of E.coli when 150 people became ill and a five-year-old boy died.

Mrs Griffiths said having a compulsory rating scheme should improve standards across Wales and will help customers decide where to buy their food.

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