Visibility is the key to FM success

09 May 2014

Facilities managers (FMs) need to be more visible if they want to glean more information from customers, according to a new report.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) study, entitled Balancing the Performance Scorecard: How to Maximise Customer Feedback in Facilities Management, claims FMs will be rewarded for more transparency with more accurate and insightful details from customers and employees.

RICS suggests FMs draw up a way of measuring customer performance and make the most of statistical and verbal feedback to motivate their staff.

The report draws on the work of Dr Matthew Tucker of Liverpool John Moores University's School of the Built Environment. He interviewed 23 FMs involved in a range of different sectors and said the information he found will allow better use of customer feedback to improve the use of facilities, services and space.

Dr Tucker won the RICS-Fulbright Scholar Award in 2012/13 and the report was an important part of his research.

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