UK hygiene habits still lacking

02 Dec 2011

Washing your hands after using the toilet seems like an obvious thing to do, but new research suggests that the message is falling on deaf ears with some.

The Dettol Hygiene Home Truths study found that 40% of 16 to 24-year-olds failed to clean their hands after using the lavatory.

The survey also looked at people's attitudes towards those who are unwell during winter, a period when germs are more readily passed around due to greater numbers of people suffering from cold and flu.

It found that 52% of women would not greet someone with a kiss who looked ill, while 35% said they would not shake hands.

The percentage may be unsurprising to some if you consider the survey found that 28% of people admitted to not covering their nose and mouth when sneezing, a sure-fire way to pass on germs.

Dettol has reinforced the need for people to maintain good hygiene in order to reduce the chance of catching and spreading germs.

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