Two men injured in factory blaze

29 May 2012

Two workmen are being treated in hospital after a fire at a factory in Greater Manchester.

Reports described an explosion at the roofing products mill in Littleborough just before 1pm on May 28, with fire crews from Littleborough and Rochdale arriving at the scene.

Crews reached the factory to find silos of solvent burning and were able to bring the fire under control.

A number of houses in the immediate area were evacuated as emergency services took precautions due to a large cloud of smoke engulfing the scene.

The fire crews also recommended that people kept their windows and doors closed to prevent the possibility of inhaling the remaining smoke.

Police said that one man suffered burns to his arm while the other was being treated after being contaminated with bitumen.

Tony Lander, of Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, said of the blaze: "We are dealing with a fire involving a range of buildings, including a silo. There are bitumen tanks and liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) and various other chemicals involved.

"We are using foam jets on the silos and have brought the fire under control so it's now almost non-existent"

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