Turkeys survive to die another day

11 Dec 2012

A hundred turkeys were nearly roasted early this Christmas after a blaze in a barn in Gloucestershire.

The turkeys were sleeping near hay bales and agricultural machinery in the large barn n Mitcheldean when an electrical fault caused the fire to break out.

A tractor, a combine harvester and 50 tons of hay were all damaged but all of the birds survived. Although, local fire station commander Dave Pike said they are being prepared for the Christmas dinner table and probably won't be alive for much longer.

"I understand the birds had been readied for Christmas, and I don't think this morning's incident is really going to change that," he said.

"They were corralled to a safe place elsewhere on the farm, and all are doing fine.

"But, as I understand it, they are still due to be slaughtered."

Initially, 12 firefighters from Cinderford community fire station attended the scene but more crews were called upon to tackle the blaze and ensure all of the turkeys made it to safety.

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