Turkeys escape an early roasting

20 Dec 2012

Hundreds of turkeys were almost roasted early this Christmas after buildings caught fire at a farm in Hampshire.

The blaze began in a workshop on the farm in Colemore, just north of Petersfield, but spread to the shed housing the birds and nearly caused them to be cooked earlier than planned, at a high cost to the farmer.

The large workshop, which was made out of timber, was totally destroyed but the shed was only slightly damaged and all of the turkeys were rescued and moved to safety.

Crews from Hampshire Fire and Rescue attended the scene and, although they have not yet been able to establish the cause of the fire and are still investigating, spokesman Brian Rudman confirmed that all of the animals escaped unharmed.

"Our animal rescue specialist and firefighters helped assist the farm hands in herding the turkeys to a safe building and all the birds survived," he said.

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