Takeaway fire forces evacuation

06 Aug 2012

Residents were forced to evacuate their flats above a fast food restaurant in West Yorkshire after a grill triggered a raging inferno at a pizza bar.

Firefighters were called to the scene after a blaze broke out at Raja's Pizza Bar on Cavendish Street in Keighley town centre at around 9.30pm on August 2.

The crew from Keighley Fire Station had to remove the floorboards in the upstairs flats to prevent the fire from spreading further, as the firemen fought for four hours to get the blaze under control.

Speaking to Keighley News, firefighter Lee Miller blamed a build-up of grease and fat behind the grill's ventilation canopy.

"The takeaway was quite badly damaged due to the effects of heat and smoke in the building," said Miller. "The fire had been going for quite a while before the staff realised. They all got out OK."

Smoke from the fire spread to the flats above Raja's Pizza Bar and an adjacent building, but no casualties were reported.

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