Swanage gas leak capped by council

26 Oct 2011

Engineers are currently carrying out repair works following a gas leak in Dorset on Tuesday.

The leak occurred in Victoria Avenue, Swanage, causing 28 properties to be evacuated.

Purbeck District Council said the leak has now been capped and police are checking the buildings to see if it is safe for occupiers to return.

About 100 people were affected by the leak and some residents spent the evening at a rest centre at a nearby church hall, while the Women's Royal Voluntary Service provided food and drink for people unable to make alternative arrangements.

Some older residents and people with health problems were arranged hotel accommodation by the council, while residents were accompanied by Southern Gas Networks officers to collect overnight belongings from their homes.

The fire brigade has set up three water jets as a precautionary measure, while Swanage Railway will continue to run a diesel-only service on Wednesday after its steam service was suspended because of safety fears.

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