Students evacuated after lab fire

28 Jun 2012

A blaze which started in a chemical laboratory at Cambridge University prompted an evacuation after two chemicals reacted and sparked a fire.

According to Cambridge News, firefighters were alerted to the incident at the Department of Chemistry on Lensfield Road mid-afternoon on June 26.

The fire started as a result of a chemical reaction in a solvent cupboard, it is thought. The doors of the fireproof cupboard were closed quickly enough which helped to prevent the flames from spreading and setting off the smoke alarm.

Emergency services crews from Cambridge and nearby areas such as St Neots and Sawston were able to put out the blaze through an air vent as students and lecturers were evacuated and asked to stay away from the area. The firefighters also brought a specialist chemical incident unit.

After putting out the blaze the team examined the site for areas that were still burning, and left at around 6pm after having made the checks.

An environment officer also made sure that potentially contaminated water from the laboratory did not run from the building. Authorities said no one had been injured in the incident.

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