Smoke in jet cabin delays flight

17 Jul 2014

Passengers on a flight from Manchester to Faro had to leave the plane on Thursday morning after smoke was detected in the cabin.

Flight LS875 from Manchester Airport was due to take off at 8am, but passengers were reporting it had been delayed for around four hours because of a 'fire in the air conditioning'.

The Manchester Evening News reported that the holidaymakers were sent back in the terminal to wait for another plane to take them to Portugal.

One female passenger announced on Twitter that ticket holders had been handed food and drink vouchers after being evacuated from the plane.

@NicotineLove tweeted that her 8am flight time has been changed to 14.05pm and she was in possession of £27 worth of food vouchers.

She described her experience as "grim".

A spokeswoman for says the problem is under investigation.

She added the company is sorry for the inconvenience and its staff in Manchester Airport made sure the passengers got their replacement flight and were looked after.

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