Sites at greater crime risk in summer

27 May 2014

Facilities managers are being warned that their sites are more likely to be targeted by criminals during the summer months.

The reminder comes after Farsight Security Services Ltd released new figures showing that its remote monitoring station issued 23% more audio warnings in June 2013 than it did during December last year.

Farsight's senior operations manager, Malcolm O'Shea-Barnes, said the figures showed that sites were more likely to be targeted by criminals over the summer months when the weather was finer and there were more hours of daylight.

He said criminals often targeted premises where windows had been left open during warmer weather or that had been left unmonitored.

The Farsight data showed that 263 audio warnings were issued at the car forecourts it monitors in June last year - a third more than the number issued in December 2013.

The number of audio warnings issued at educational premises monitored by Farsight totalled 411 in June, more than double the 191 issued in December. There were also more summertime warnings issued at leisure sites such as parks, golf courses and football grounds.

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