School reopens after roof blaze

16 Jul 2014

Staff responsible for fire safety at a Derbyshire school gave the OK to reopen it on Monday following a blaze caused by work being done to the building.

The roof of Stonebroom Primary School, near Alfreton, caught fire on Thursday, July 10, damaging four of its classrooms and offices. The roof of one classroom was destroyed and the school was closed until Monday this week.

Around 130 pupils plus staff had to be evacuated in the afternoon but no one was hurt.

According to Derbyshire County Council, work was being carried out on the school building at the time and an investigation discovered workmen started it by accident.

The blaze was dealt with by reserve firefighters as it happened when the regular fire officers were on strike. The council has praised their efforts.

County councillor Kevin Gillott reassures parents that he, nor the head teacher, would not have allowed children to re-enter the school unless it was safe.

Mr Gillott adds that the last few days have been a worrying time for the community but is happy that the school has reopened.

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