Restaurant owner on hygiene charges

15 Aug 2013

The owner of a Stoke restaurant is due to appear in court charged with breaching hygiene rules.

Prajee Numas, 48, of Fallow Field in Blurton, is facing action after environmental health inspectors from Stoke-on-Trent City Council visited the Ria restaurant in Piccadilly in November last year.

The officers said they found the kitchen floor behind a freezer was dirty and there was grease "dripping" from the ceiling.

When they looked under cooking equipment, they found the floor was "filthy and greasy" and the side of the fridge was also noted to be dirty.

An extractor canopy had filters missing while there was grease discovered on the extractor hood.

Inspectors said there was a lack of basins in the restaurant for staff to wash their hands with hot water. There was also no hot running water for cleaning utensils and other equipment.

Concerns were raised that effective cleaning was not taking place of articles and fittings which were in contact with food as well as the lack of effective ventilation to prevent the build-up of grease.

The environmental health officers said their findings amounted to an alleged breach of Food Hygiene Regulations.

Numas is due to face the charges at Stafford Magistrates' Court on September 25.

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