Probe starts into E.coli outbreak

16 Aug 2011

Health officials in Wales have started a "methodical" investigation into an outbreak of E.coli.

Seven people have so far been struck down by food poisoning, with three of them taken to hospital. Their condition has been described as "stable".

Public Health Wales, which is part of an outbreak control team to look into the incident, has admitted that they are expecting further cases to emerge "as people can be slow to go to the doctor".

Control team chair Dr Gwen Lowe, consultant in communicable disease control at Public Health Wales, has reassured the public that officials are treating the incident "very seriously".

She added: "Behind the scenes there is an awful lot of follow-up investigation, methodical sifting through evidence, looking at the situation to find out exactly what may have gone on."

Adonis Kebab House on City Road, Cardiff, has been closed by the local authority as a precaution while an investigation into the outbreak is carried out.

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