Prevent the spread of flu virus in your workplace

10 Jan 2011

Everyone knows that the usual way to catch the flu is from someone else. All those Christmas get-togethers certainly sent the numbers with ‘flu soaring.

Now, with most back at work, there’s one aspect of the typical workplace which can be eliminated from the usual list of suspects for passing on the flu bug ~ the air conditioning system. That is providing its ducting has been thoroughly cleaned of dust and debris. Hospitals know all too well how uncleaned air conditioning ducting provides ideal conditions for the growth and spread of micro-organisms. The dust and debris which accumulates in the ducting invariably contains minute particles of human hair and skin, and research has shown that these are ideal nutrients for micro-organisms to thrive on.

The most certain way to eliminate air conditioning systems as a potential source for transmitting the flu is to have thorough hygienic duct cleaning carried out throughout the system, in accordance with the standard of excellence HVCA TR19. Only then can you be confident that the air conditioning system is doing what it is intended to do, provide healthy fresh air and germ free working conditions because employees are not breathing in infected air. It’s a simple action to take, it’s not expensive and it could result in considerable savings by reducing the number of staff calling in sick.

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