Patient set on fire during surgery

05 Mar 2012

A patient was set on fire during an operation when a solution used to clean the skin ignited.

The incident at Scarborough Hospital in North Yorkshire caused burns to the patient, NHS trust officials said.

The skin burn was treated immediately and the patient was kept in hospital for the night. The next day the patient was transferred to Castle Hill Hospital as a precaution but was later returned to Scarborough Hospital and discharged. The incident occurred on Monday 27th February.

Director of operations at Scarborough and North East Yorkshire NHS Trust, Liz Booth, said: "I can confirm that during a surgical procedure a solution used to clean the skin ignited, causing skin burns to the patient.

"We are extremely sorry for any pain and distress caused to the patient, she said.

"A full investigation commenced within minutes of the incident occurring and a final report will be produced and shared with the family."

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