Party clamps down on bad landlords

28 May 2013

Labour has called for an end to children being brought up in "damp, cold and unfit" homes after it emerged over 450,000 families are living in substandard rented properties.

The call came as the party revealed plans for a national register of landlords and a voluntary standards scheme. It is also looking into introducing tougher penalties for landlords guilty of poor standards and giving more power to local councils to combat the issue.

Shadow housing minister Jack Dromey said: "There can be no place in future for homes that are damp, cold and unfit to bring children up."

Over 100,000 pensioners are also living in poor quality homes in the private rented sector, Labour's research of official figures shows.

In addition, up to 274,620 families with children and up to 65,310 pensioners are in properties with potentially major hazards, like contact with asbestos or carbon monoxide, while 131,906 families with children and up to 31,411 pensioners are forced to deal with damp issues.

Bad landlords could be struck off the proposed register under new measures being considered by Labour.

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