Nursery staff and kids' TB scare

23 Sep 2011

A nursery employee who was diagnosed with tuberculosis has prompted about 200 pupils and colleagues to get tested for the disease.

NHS Lanarkshire found that three members of the same family had tested positive for the bacterial infection.

One of those diagnosed was being treated in hospital, and now hospital staff and nearly 120 other patients are being offered advice and guidance after coming into contact with the carrier.

Another patient who is carrying the highly infectious disease is an employee at a Blantyre nursery.

The nursery's 28 staff and 175 children have been given the option of being tested for tuberculosis (TB) as a precaution under national guidelines.

The three patients who were diagnosed with TB are well and responding to their treatment, the health board said.

Consultant in Public Health Medicine Dr Josephine Pravinkumar said that In line with Scottish guidance, TB screening for close contacts was offered as a precautionary measure.

"We are contacting all people who have had close contact with the cases of TB and are ensuring that all appropriate public health measures are taken," she said.

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