Nike to 'stop dangerous chemicals'

24 Aug 2011

The use of toxic chemicals at the Nike corporation's factories will soon be thing of the past, the company has insisted.

The US sportswear retailer said it has devised a plan to make sure it emits "zero" hazardous chemicals by 2020. It will publish the plan within the next two months, it said.

Chemicals deemed the most dangerous will be phased out from its supply chain quicker than other less dangerous ones, Nike said.

A statement by the firm read: "Nike will continue to work with brands, material suppliers, the broader chemical industry, NGOs and other stakeholders to achieve this goal. We will drive towards innovative solutions for transparency in chemical management disclosure.

"We recognize the path to reaching this goal must be through innovation, the application of green chemistry, and broad industry and regulatory collaboration and engagement.

"Nike's commitment and investment towards this goal and the dedication to system change is unwavering."

In terms of "industry disclosure", Nike said this would be governed with "right-to-know principles".

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