New EU ozone law 'will have big impact'

25 Apr 2014

New European refrigeration rules which may have an impact on more than half Britain's commercial buildings are being highlighted by a newly launched campaign.

It is thought that up to three-fifths of the UK's commercial properties are still using the hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) R22 for refrigeration or air conditioning.

Efforts to reduce the risk of damaging the ozone level include an EU regulation to completely phase out the use of HCFCs by the end of this year.

And that will mean that from the beginning of 2015 R22 will become illegal with penalties facing operators and equipment owners who don't stick to the law.

The new legislation means affected operators will have to replace, modify or renew their equipment to ensure it complies with the law by the end of December.

Adcock Refrigeration and Air Conditioning is spearheading the R22 Be Aware campaign in the hope that it will raise awareness among those who own, run or lease the properties which will be affected.

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