New code to improve docks industry

10 Apr 2014

A new code of practice for the docks industry will "improve workplace protection for employees" it is hoped.

The new guidance, called Safety in Docks: Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) and guidance - L148, is more concise than the outgoing paperwork, which has been replaced as part of the revocation of the Docks Regulations 1988.

Accompanying the ACoP is the Safety in Ports guidance sheet series which has been produced by Port Skills and Safety (PSS) with support from Unite and HSE. Together, the documentation will form a complete package of guidance for all levels of staff in the industry.

Vincent Joyce, HSE's Head of Transportation, said: "The removal of the regulations is part of a package of revocations that streamline and clarify the regulatory framework. This will enable businesses to concentrate on the things that matter and improve the workplace protection for employees and others.

"Although the Docks Regulations are being removed this will not lower safety standards as dutyholders will still have to comply other legislation that provides the same level of protection. Employers who needlessly put workers and the public at risk can still expect to face action from HSE."

Topics covered by the ACoP include Workplace Transport, Falls from Height and Lifting Operations.

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