Mice infestation at Hull takeaway

21 Mar 2013

A "dirty" pizza takeaway found to be infested with mice has been shut down by environmental health officers.

A Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notice was used to close Yorkshire Pizza at 126-128 Beverley Road, Hull, because of the "imminent risk to public health" it posed. Hull Magistrates' Court later granted a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Order.

The active mouse infestation was discovered during a routine food hygiene inspection by Hull City Council's environmental health department.

The council's inspection - resulting in a resumption of Yorkshire Pizza's 'zero' rating on the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme - found a dead mouse under the takeaway's service counter.

The premises were found to be dirty throughout and to have an extensive mouse infestation. No food safety management system had been implemented at the takeaway and several food items, which had been stored in mouse-infested areas, had to be disposed of.

Assistant head of service for public protection Trevor Todd said: "The fact that the premises and equipment were dirty throughout, and that there were food contamination issues, posed a serious and imminent risk to public health."

Environmental health officers will now closely monitor the business to ensure satisfactory improvements are made promptly.

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