Low energy building boom predicted

30 Aug 2013

The market for sustainable and eco-friendly buildings is expected to rocket in the USA, according to new research.

The sector is expected to be worth over $280 million (£180 million) in the next seven years, with new energy efficiency standards driving the growth.

The revised Part L of the Building Regulations (2013) Act in the UK and version four of the US green building standard LEED - will bring about new rules which will favour those designers which are creating low energy buildings.

But it is thought a desire to get a competitive edge in the property market is likely to mean commercial building owners will go beyond the new regulations.

In New York City a new rule means commercial building owners have to publish energy consumption figures. It is thought New York will be the first of a number of major US cities to make businesses more accountable for their utility use, according to emerging technology analysts at Lux Research.

Zero net energy building designs are now a key way of commercial building developers and architects being able to differentiate from competitors.

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