Launch of new fire-stopping scheme

14 May 2014

Facilities managers will be able to make sure they are meeting their fire safety responsibilities and get a certificate to prove it under a new scheme due get underway next month.

BM TRADA is to launch its Q-Mark Scheme for Fire Stopping Installations at the FIREX International event at the ExCel London Exhibition and Conference Centre in June.

The scheme gives peace of mind to all those involved in fitting fire-stopping measures in buildings that they are properly placed and sealed. Building owners and installers receive certificates, labels and BM TRADA registrations to show this is the case.

Companies that install the systems have to put forward the name of a supervisor who is in charge of those employed to do the work. These supervisors have to prove they are able to fit the installations and to direct others to do it by taking part in a BM TRADA seminar entitled Fire Protection in Buildings Explained, undergoing special training and passing an exam. They must also be examined for their competence on site and inspectors will look at the work they do and that done by others they are responsible for.

They will have to pass inspections twice a year to keep their certificate. BM TRADA independently certifies, tests and inspects fire safety measures around the world. It also provides training and technical services to the fire, timber, building, furniture, food and retail industries among others.

FIREX International 2014 runs from June 17 to 19.

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