Lack of building information trust

28 Apr 2014

Trust appears to be in short supply in the construction industry when it comes to building information modelling (BIM).

A survey of architects, engineers, surveyors and contractors by the National Building Specification (NBS) reveals that just one in three trusts what they hear on the subject, with many turning to other professionals within their own organisations to seek guidance.

More than 1,000 people across the industry were questioned in what is the largest independent piece of research into usage of - and attitudes to - BIM in the UK.

Some 59% of those polled turned to the NBS to for advice about BIM matters, while 57% asked the BIM Task group. A further 49% went to the Royal Institute of British Architects, plus 40% sought counsel from BIM consultants.

Facilities managers for smaller organisations were found to be less confident in their BMI skills, compared to half of those working in larger organisations described themselves as confident in their BIM knowledge.

Three-quarters of respondents, meanwhile, agreed there remains a strong feeling that the industry is not clear enough on what BIM is yet. The NBS is therefore calling for BIM education among actual and potential users to boost knowledge and skills.

The picture is improving, however, with those confident in BIM rising from 35% in 2012 to 46% in 2013.

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