Kitchen plan to solve extractor row

11 Apr 2014

The owners of an Indian restaurant hope a new kitchen will put an end to a dispute with local residents over a smelly and noisy extractor fan.

Severn Indian Cuisine wants to build a new catering kitchen to the rear of its premises on Load Street in the Worcestershire town of Bewdley. It would have a new extraction system that would reduce odour and noise.

Flats surround the restaurant and the people living in them say the smells from the kitchen blow right into their homes.

The plans include making the new flue look like a chimney using same brickwork as the building. The ducting would be high up, well away from people's homes. The kitchen would be on the ground floor rather than its current position in the basement and a new door would be put in for a fire escape.

The Wyre Forest planning committee is expected to give the plans the go-ahead despite residents saying the new kitchen will be underneath their lounge. Another local is confident that the new plans will solve the extractor fan problem.

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