Infection rates drop in hospitals

23 May 2012

More than one in 20 English hospital patients contracted a healthcare-associated illness during autumn 2011, according to new research.

In a study produced by the Health Protection Agency (HPA), figures show that the rate of infection runs at 6.4% in English hospitals, nearly 2% less than the previous equivalent survey in 2006.

Rates of infection involving 'superbug' MRSA were also dramatically reduced, with rates down 18 times since the 2006 reading.

For the HPA's Point Prevalence Survey, data was collected and assessed by medical experts between October and November last year, with figures showing that as well as sharp drops in the number of people falling ill with MRSA, bacterial clostridium difficile infections dropped from 2% to 0.4%.

Commenting on the news, HPA medical director Professor Anthony Kessel said: "This is a very important piece of work and we are extremely grateful to the hospital trusts that have contributed to it."

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