Ikea acts over cake bacteria scare

07 Mar 2013

Furniture giant Ikea is withdrawing batches of cakes served in some of its store restaurants after traces of coliform bacteria were found.

The company revealed that the bacteria had been discovered in two "isolated" batches of almond cake with chocolate and butterscotch provided by a Swedish supplier, none of which would have been sold in its UK and Ireland stores.

Ikea said in a statement that the production batches had been routinely tested for bacteria such as E.coli and although there was no risk to anyone eating the cake, it did not comply with its "strict food quality standards" and that was why it was being withdrawn from sale in 23 countries.

This latest food contamination worry comes after the company found "a few indications" of horse meat in tests on wiener sausages on sale in Britain, France, Spain, Ireland and Portugal last week.

The company and a Swedish supplier made the decision to withdraw the sausages and also a batch of its traditional meatballs.

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