Hygiene breach leads to big fine

06 Jun 2013

Breaching food hygiene rules proved to be expensive for one Swansea supermarket owner.

Forty-year-old Johir Uddin admitted breaching the Food Hygiene (Wales) regulations at his Desi Foods store in St Helen's Road. Uddin admitted failing to keep the premises clean and in good repair, as well as a second charge of failing to provide hygienic facilities.

Among the difficulties encountered by investigators was a lack of hot water at the front of the shop, as well as vegetables found on the floor and flies found hovering by bins. Handles to fridges and freezers were found to be dirty, while food matter was splashes on the walls. Chiller units contained food waste, while a sink was said to be in a "very dirty condition".

When one officer tried to turn on a tap, the entire sink came away from the wall. One officer who said he got hot water to clean his station from a sink at the back of the shop, there were concerns that he was walking through the premises with dirty, raw-meat coated hands.

Work to replace a ceiling which had sprung a leak had taken place, but had not been completed, while the shop had not cleaned up five days after the initial visit by officers. Uddin was fined £3,000 and ordered to pay £1,713 in costs.

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