Humberside homes get sprinklers

20 Feb 2012

Sprinkler systems will be installed in the homes of vulnerable people in a bid to tackle the number of domestic fire deaths.

Humberside Fire and Rescue Service has shortlisted homes for the trial by working with NHS trusts and local councils in the region.

The 10 householders, who have been identified as unable to escape in an emergency, will have their properties fitted with a £2,000 fire sprinkler system.

The fire service said it is aiming to bring the number of deaths down to zero and in 2011 six people died in house fires in Humberside.

Wales has introduced similar measures to equip new homes with sprinklers as part of its Domestic Fire Safety Measure.

The National Fire Sprinkler Network and the Chief Fire Officers' Association have both called for new legislation in England that protects homes further.

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