How good hygiene can drum up trade

20 Sep 2013

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) gives hygiene ratings to all businesses that sell or serve food and it is advising them how to use their ratings to attract more customers.

More people are looking for the ratings stickers when selecting a shop or restaurant and a third of those that display their rating say their reputation has improved and they are seeing more custom.

The agency is offering a toolkit that gives businesses advice, images, logos and web banners to make the most of their rating. Those that have achieved a high rating, between 3 and 5 or a 'Pass' under the scheme that runs in Scotland are being urged to clearly show their sticker or certificate on their windows or doors.

According to the FSA displaying the rating reassures customers straight away that a business exceeds hygiene standards.

The guide also outlines ways that businesses can promote good hygiene and maximise their clientele by adding ratings to their menus, advertising and websites.

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