Hand-washing warning for nurseries

24 Oct 2011

Schools and nurseries have been reminded how important it is to implement a strict hand washing system after three cases of E. Coli were confirmed at a nursery in Wales.

Public health officials temporarily closed Tri Ceffyl Bach in Amlwch, North Wales after the infection, which can be fatal, was confirmed there.

And Donna Row, owner of the Yorley Barn Nursery in Little Cornard in Suffolk, said that the unfortunate case should serve as a timely reminder that the only way to effectively combat the bug is by making sure correct hand washing techniques are enforced.

She said: "I am in no way criticising the hygiene standards at the nursery in Wales, however these unfortunate circumstances do give us the opportunity to remind people of the importance of good hand hygiene in educational settings."

Infections can spread more rapidly at places like nurseries because of the playful nature of children and the close contact that is regularly made between pupils and staff in such an environment.

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