Hall review as audiences feel heat

30 Jul 2013

Sweltering BBC Proms audiences at the Royal Albert Hall have prompted a review of the ventilation system there.

Musicians and audiences were "dripping with sweat" as the concerts which have run from July 12 coincided with the longest heatwave for seven years.

One paying customer said the performance he attended was "blisteringly hot" and another advised others to wear such clothing as "hot pants".

Now the Royal Albert Hall has said moves to replace the Victorian heating systems over two to three years were to begin in the autumn. These would help to regulate the temperature and improve ventilation, said a spokesman.

He said the hall was looking for a long-term solution to the issue.

"We are increasingly looking at the advancement and upkeep of the hall for the public benefit," he said.

The spokesman said the hall shared customers' concerns over the heat in the auditorium in the hot weather.

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