Good office design inspires workers

24 Jul 2014

Most employees say the way their workplace is designed is good for their wellbeing but many think the actions of their bosses are not, according to new research.

The British Council for Offices (BCO) and Morgan Lovell and Hatch poll of 2,000 office employees quizzed them on the conditions they work in, their attitudes to their jobs and what they expect in the future.

From the results, the researchers concluded the kind of things that can inspire better productivity and performance.

The study discovered that 74% of the respondents think the design of place in which they work is good for their wellbeing, but over a half (54%) believe the actions of their employers are not beneficial and are holding back productivity.

The vast majority of the poll participants (94%) say they are happier when there is a clear meaning to their job but their wellbeing decreases when they have no control of what they do day to day, according to 87% of the workers polled.

Offices and the way they are designed are still important to businesses. More than a half of them are open plan (54%), hot desking makes up another 15% but just one in every 50 employees is working in 1980s-style cubicles.

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