Good hygiene is good for business

30 Sep 2013

Customers are becoming increasingly aware of food hygiene standards, and food businesses are being encouraged to do more to promote their ratings in order to win trade.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has issued research that shows customers are actively looking for rating stickers when choosing where to eat out.

They have also found that food businesses are now displaying their hygiene rating stickers, with a third of those questioned saying this has resulted in greater customer confidence, a better reputation and consequently, more trade.

Businesses are now being encouraged to display their rating stickers or 'Pass' certificates in windows or doors, or even on menus and other forms of advertising.

To help businesses get the most out of their hygiene ratings, the FSA has now issued a toolkit offering guidance, logos and web banners, via an online 'how to' guide. This helps the business promote its hygiene standard with a view to increasing the number of customers who come through the door or order online.

Catriona Stewart, head of the FSA's food hygiene ratings team, spoke of the positive impact that displaying ratings was having on businesses. She added: "People are increasingly looking for the stickers when they are out and we want more businesses to benefit in this way."

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