FRAs could be reviewed - minister

07 Jun 2013

The system of fire risk assessments (FRA) that is currently in place needs attention, according to the health and safety portfolio Minister.

Mark Hoban described present requirements as possibly "overbearing" and a burden on a number of businesses nationwide, Fire Magazine reported.

Speaking at the British Safety Council Annual Conference, he responded to questions about the impact of FRAs on businesses by saying that "there is a need to look at the burden of current (fire safety) requirements".

As it stands in England and Wales, employers, owners, landlords and occupiers of business or other non-domestic premises are responsible for fire safety and are known as the 'responsible person'.

It is the duty of the responsible person to carry out and regularly review a fire risk assessment of the premises, ensuring the safety of staff and the public.

Mr Hoban declared: "If (there is a) clear basis and can be justified for that business or premises then the FRA criteria should remain but there are some (FRA criteria) that seem unnecessary and could be cut to reduce red-tape."

FRAs have become an even hotter topic of debate since the publication of the coroner's report into Lakanal House, which suggested better fire prevention systems would have reduced the likelihood of deaths.

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