Food alert issued after woman dies

30 Mar 2012

A food alert has been issued by health chiefs in Northern Ireland regarding chemicals used in food production.

Businesses and individuals who have purchased food production chemicals from Mistral Laboratory Chemicals have been advised not to use them.

The warning, from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) came after a women died in an Italian private medical clinic.

A statement released by the FSA said: "Products for food use supplied by Mistral have been implicated in that investigation.

"There have been no reported food-related incidents in the UK linked to products supplied by Mistral and the FSA is issuing this warning as a precaution."

The chemicals, which are found in salts, are added into food.

People have been advised to inform their local environmental health officer straight away if they have bought any of the chemicals.

The FSA is working alongside councils to organise the disposal of the chemicals.

Mistral Northern Ireland, based in Antrim, is a small chemical lab and manufacturer.

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