FMs to improve energy management

23 Jul 2013

Facilities managers who practice good energy management tend to spend drastically less on their building energy, water and waste costs than those who use energy poorly, new research shows.

Joint research from Jones Lang LaSalle and the Better Buildings Partnership shows that buildings with lax energy management spend up to £225,000 a year, while offices that manage energy well have running costs of around £125,000 per year.

The study found that a typical air-conditioned office costs £3 per square foot in energy use, but this cost can vary significantly depending on how effectively a building is managed.

Specialist cleaning and maintenance of ventilation systems, ductwork, extract and air systems also helps to keep systems working smoothly and can contribute to good overall energy management.

Jones Lang LaSalle director of upstream sustainability services, Alex Edds, said: "With utility and waste costs increasing and forming an ever-more significant part of a building's overall running costs, it is important to know how your buildings are performing."

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