FMs 'should be more involved in energy reporting'

24 Apr 2014

Utilising the skills and experience of Facilities Managers could be crucial in making buildings more energy efficient, according to a key experts.

A panel set up to debate sustainability at 'Green Sky Thinking' was discussing how FMs can be used effectively. Green Sky Thinking will see a series of events in London for built environment and property professionals.

At the opening event Professor Paul Ruyssevelt, chair of energy & building performance at the UCL Energy Institute, explained that for many companies, using a FMs effectively is not a priority. He said that FM outsourcing results in fast tendering and turnover but as a result there is little or no continuity, so energy reporting is poor. He said that there is too much focus on cost rather than energy efficiency and encouraged companies to involve FM teams in the design process of any rebuild or refurbishment project.

He added that FMs were "experts in the running of buildings" so should be heavily involved.

Nick Hilliard, sustainability manager at property group BNP Paribas Real Estate, urged people to consider refurbishing existing buildings rather than rebuilding, adding that if refurb became more popular it would make the role of the FM more important.

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