FMs are good 'workplace mediators'

13 May 2014

Facilities managers are capable of revolutionising company workplaces to make them more productive and better for the well-being of employees, an insurance industry leader says.

Zurich's Global Head of Innovation, Professor John Hinks, said FMs have the skills to change workspaces for the better, both psychologically and psychosocially, but many companies don't see it as a high-enough priority.

FMs can do much more than just make sure offices are well lit, well decorated, spacious, safe and clean, Professor Hinks said. They can make sure they meet the specific preferences of those working in them, which can lift morale and in turn have a positive impact on productivity, he added.

FMs can act as mediators between what employees and employers want their workspaces to be like, allowing them to have their own territories, privacy and room to develop relationships, the professor said.

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