FM growth on the rise across UK

20 Mar 2014

Facilities management (FM) enjoyed significant growth last year - a trend that is expected to continue.

A report by MTW Research reveals that the sector expanded by almost £2.5 billion in 2013 as both value and volume growth returned.

This is despite the fact that the number of FM companies has actually declined by 12% in recent years.

It is the first time since the recession in 2008 that a larger proportion of providers reported growing sales than those reporting declining performance.

The research points to a clear polarisation in terms of market trends for FM providers, with single service contractors focusing on value growth.

Bundled service providers, meanwhile, are benefiting from rising volume performance.

MTW Research, a specialist independent publisher of market research and databases for the UK Construction & Building Products industry, expects to see similar growth across the FM sector in 2014.

Mark Waddy, director of the company, claims last year's performance illustrates a backbone of strength that is clearly evident in the UK market.

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