FM graduates 'should invent jobs'

11 Jul 2014

Facilities management graduates have a unique set of skills and if they can't find role in industry that suits them then they should "invent" one that does, a conference has been told.

The advice comes from Bouygues E&S Head of Learning and Development Linda Punter, who was speaking at the BIFM Rising FMs conference.

She also suggested that employers should help graduates find a niche for themselves.

Ms Punter said graduates halfway through traineeships at the firm are advised to take a detailed look at the company and the wider business world for opportunities and take them. She says other businesses should do the same.

Another speaker, BIFM Head of Professional Standards and Education, Linda Hausmanis is urging businesses to radically alter their attitudes to training. She said some are scared to invest in the skills and abilities of their staff in case they leave wen they should just be concentrating on helping workers be the best they can be.

She said most FM knowledge is in people over the age of 50 but the more firms invest in training, the more people will become FMs earlier in their lives.

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