Firefighters issue kitchen warning

30 Aug 2012

After dealing with three cooking fires in one day the London Fire Brigade is warning home chefs about the risks in the kitchen.

All three of the incidents that the firefighters dealt with were caused by people leaving home and forgetting to turn off their hob or oven.

The majority of the 4,000 kitchen fires the fire brigade has to deal with every year are caused by cooking and they are warning Londoners about the risks of leaving cooking unattended and storing flammable items near the hob or oven.

When firefighters were called to the first incident at 9.45 on Monday, after neighbours heard a fire alarm and spotted smoke, they discovered a man had left his house in Romford with food still cooking in the oven.

Then early that afternoon they had to break in to a flat in Carshalton to rescue a cat after someone went out and left food cooking on the hob.

The third fire started in a communal flat in Harlesden when a set of cookbooks ignited after someone forgot to turn off the electric hob before going out.

During the third incident firefighters wearing breathing apparatus had to rescue a woman from the attic. She was treated for smoke inhalation at the scene.

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