Fire union pension dispute drags on

06 May 2014

The Government and firefighters are no closer to solving their differences on pensions after a series of strikes during the Bank Holiday weekend.

Facilities managers had to be prepared for reductions in fire services during the three walkouts in case of blazes on their premises.

The Fire Brigades Union said the level of support from its members remains strong in its push for a fair deal on pensions, according to its General Secretary Matt Wrack.

He said the union is determined to get the pensions its members and their families deserve. He said they are not only being asked to pay more for their pensions, but to work longer and also face the sack if they are deemed not fit enough to do the job.

Mr Wrack urged the Government to stick to its previous pension promises and use the evidence the union has given it to come up with a new offer.

Fire authorities have been using contractors and bringing in part-time firefighters to maintain services.

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