Fire sweeps through recycling plant

14 Dec 2012

Several roads were closed and buildings evacuated after a large fire swept through a recycling plant in Worcestershire.

Firefighters rushed to the scene at Lawrence Recycling, on Stourport Road in Kidderminster, at around 10.50am on Wednesday 12 December.

Hereford and Worcestershire Fire Service said 15 fire engines were dispatched to deal with the fire at its peak before bringing it under control at around 3pm.

West Mercia Police said the fire caused a half-mile section of Stourport Road to be closed as fire crews fought to contain the inferno, although there were no reports of any injuries.

Local residents were urged to close their windows and doors as thick smoke billowed from the building, while some homeowners and nearby offices were evacuated as "precautionary measure".

The Community Housing Group, based in Foley Grove close to the scene, was one company to be evacuated, while foggy weather made it difficult for the thick to smoke to dissipate.

A spokesperson for the Hereford and Worcester Fire Service said the cause of the fire was unknown but that it involved paper and plastic materials which were housed in a large warehouse on the site.

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