Fire sprinklers set for Welsh homes

06 Jun 2012

The Welsh government has announced all new homes built from 2013 will be fitted with automatic fire sprinklers.

The sprinkler systems will be fitted in all new and converted residential properties across the country from September next year.

Labour AM Ann Jones first proposed the law in June 2007, and it has finally been passed almost six years later.

According to ministers, the decision to install fire sprinklers in every new home will save around 36 lives, and prevent a further 800 fire related injuries between 2013 and 2022.

But a report has suggested the project may not be cost-effective, at around £6.7 million per life saved over the next 10 years.

John Griffiths, environment minister, said the proposals were a "a significant and important" step in improving fire safety.

He added: "Wales will be at the forefront of reducing fire risk and cutting the number of avoidable deaths and injuries caused by fires in residential premises."

Graham Ellicott, CEO of the FIA, said: "Anything that has the potential to increase fire protection is a good thing and this measure could help to save lives."

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